Project from Weaving I, where students were assigned to represent the "inside" and "outside" of a recent event - the inside being how it made you feel, and the outside being a representation of what you saw - through two woven samples.
Inside sample representing the feeling of brokenness after a doctor's appointment

Warp: 5/2 cotton
Weft: Blue 79% mohair, 17% wool, 4% nylon blend; white linen; clear vinyl tubing; assorted animal bones; bandaid inlay
Structure: Rosepath
Outside sample representing the crowded waiting room's bleak interior and the poignant scene of an injured lady piercing through the crowd on crutches.

Warp: 5/2 cotton
Weft: Brown 40% alpaca, 40% wool, 20% silk blend; grey 42% superkid mohair, 40% nylon, 18% merino wool blend; green 85% pima cotton, 15% baby alpaca blend; bamboo skewers; aluminum foil
Structure: Double weave
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