This project was completed during my internship at MIT's Man Vehicle Lab (MVL). Astronauts can suffer injuries from their spacesuits alone; however, once a spacesuit is constructed, it is a cumbersome experience to make a new one. A team of researchers at MVL is working to 3D model how spacesuits interact with the wearer so alterations in suit design can be made before the final suit is constructed. These pants were designed to validate their models by providing data on suit-body interaction forces from various landmarks on the leg.
20 Novel PlianceĀ® sensors are held in integrated pockets throughout the pants. The edges of the pockets Ā and hems are bonded to avoid bulk that would interfere with the sensor readings, and silicone in the waistband holds the pants in place.
Marking sensor placement to correspond with areas on the leg the team needed data on, creating the pockets to hold the sensors, and adding silicone to the waistband.
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