A series of textile samples inspired by the mayfly, or ephemeroptera, an aquatic insect that only lives its adult life for a day.
The series follows the life cycle of the mayfly, starting with the underwater nymph stages which it will stay in for one to two years.
Plastic sheets, transfer printed vinyl, chicken eggs
After the nymph phases, the mayfly rises to the surface for its first flying stage, subimago. Their thorax opens to reveal their new wings, and they fly to a safe place to molt for their final adult phase, imago.
Tencel and vinyl
In the imago phase, the mayfly is extremely active as it has much to get done in the little time it has left to live. Usually a "hatch" of mayflies will all emerge at once, creating a swarm so large that it can show up on Doppler Radar.
Tencel, velvet pile
Tencel, velvet pile
Laser cut acrylic, guache
After fulfilling its purpose to secure the same life cycle for generations of mayflies to come, the mayfly dies within a day. Perhaps it falls back into the water, returning to the place where its fate was first born.
Polyester felt, cotton thread
Silk/rayon velvet with burnout
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