"Exoskeleton" is inspired by bone structure and growth. The textile is made from vinyl that I transfer printed with images of bone structure, cut into strips, and wove along with aluminum. By transferring bones from inside to outside, they take on the role of armor, as endoskeleton becomes exoskeleton. As a reference to how bones grow stronger in response to impact, the cape lights up in response to pressure.
This piece was an Undergraduate Finalist in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 2016 fashion competition held in conjunction with their "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology" exhibit.
On display in the MET's Great Hall
Creating a repeat pattern from a microscopic image of internal bone structure, transferring the pattern to vinyl, cutting the vinyl into strips, and weaving it along with strips of aluminum.
Final woven textile, cutting out the pattern pieces, and applying silver leaf to the shorts.
Testing the neopixel lights and a smaller version of the Velostat pressure sensor that will go into the cape.
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