Weaving on the jacquard loom is a process that combines craft with computation: the woven design is transmitted to the loom through computer software, and the punch card system that controlled early jacquard looms inspired the invention of the computer. Generated Jacquard brings the three elements necessary for jacquard production – the loom, the computer, and the human - together to play mutually dependent roles in the design process.
Beginning with the loom, I wove a pressure sensor with conductive yarn. After hooking up the sensor to a computer with Arduino, participants interacted with it to modify a spiraling design created through Processing they viewed on screen. I then aggregated their designs and brought them into the jacquard software, creating the file that could be taken back to the loom and transformed into woven cloth.
Jacquard woven waffle weave pressure sensor
Sarah, Becky, Ming
Mom, Dad, Mikhaela
Cecilia, Katie, Chrissy
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