After having to wear a hospital gown and realizing how uncomfortable one is - in the physical sense and in the sense of depleting the patient's confidence - I created a new gown for my Weaving I final. It's made from bamboo (8/2 warp and weft with 16/2 tabby), so it feels nice against the skin and is washable, antibacterial, and cooling. Greens, blue, and yellow are meant to be calming for the patient without feeling too cold. The dreaded back slit is improved with a full overlap in the front that ties at the left shoulder, and a tie around the waist also functions as a belt to give the patient more shape. The front and back were designed with the same pattern, so the hospital gown can be worn in whichever direction the doctor prefers. 

Photos by Kelia Anne.
Photos of the weaving process
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